EAL fall 2017 WordPress introduction course lesson 5

EAL fall 2017 WordPress introduction course lesson 5

The course took place at the campus of Lillebaelt Academy (ErhvervsAkademiet Lillebælt in Danish). Around 100 students and teachers participated.

The point of the course is to allow novices in web publishing to set up a site and know the basics of why and how when it comes to design, security etc.

I recorded the lesson so the participants can review it later.

Lesson 5

The fifth and last lesson began by me talking about why people might want to hack a website.

This naturally led to security and plugins that improve it, secure passwords and two-factor authentication.

We ended up with a short talk about moving one’s website to a web host and several Danish hosts in different price segments were mentioned.


Sources I mentioned during the lesson:

Why are people hacking

Attacks on WordPress

Securing WordPress

Secure passwords

Two-factor authentication

Security plugins for WordPress

Backup and migration of WordPress

Some Danish webhosts (from cheap to expensive, low to high quality)

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