Read PDFs on the site and English language added

Read PDFs on the site and English language added

I added some code to the page here so you can read PDF documents directly in the posts, instead of having to click on a link which will open them in a new window. This seemed like a good idea since a lot of my lessons for several years has been built on me using slideshows in the lessons, which are then made available as PDF’s afterwards.
Therefore I have a lot of material that I hope will inspire others, in pdf format, which has hitherto prevented me from sharing it here on a large scale. This is a new remedied so that there will probably but put a lot more material up in the future.

Another new features on the page is the ability to select the language. This is primarily come because I want to share some of my older educational material with some of my new students, but some of them are international students and therefore can not understand Danish. However, I have taught a number of international classes, so I am also putting material up here in English, but if the page is in Danish, it is useless for them, so I added the option to let people change language – not that I plan to get everything here translated into English, but if the posts are appropriate, people will get them in English when they click language button and otherwise be told that it is only available in Danish.

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