EAL fall 2017 WordPress introduction course lesson 1

EAL fall 2017 WordPress introduction course lesson 1

The course took place at the campus of Lillebaelt Academy (ErhvervsAkademiet Lillebælt in Danish). Around 100 students and teachers participated.

The point of the course is to allow novices in web publishing to set up a site and know the basics of why and how when it comes to design, security etc.

I recorded the lesson so the participants can review it later.

Lesson 1

The first lesson was focused on the background of using a CMS, in this case WordPress, and getting the site up and running on a local computer.

We hit a snag underway with getting the local database connection established, but I plan on beginning lesson two by addressing that problem.

Since the lesson was two hours I split the recording in two.

Some facts/links I mentioned in the lesson:

WordPress is not only used by small users

20 Big Name Brands That Use WordPress (and Why)

There are many CMSes, the three most popular are

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