New posts will be here soon

New posts will be here soon

The last six months I continued teaching at Lillebaelt Academy, but I switched to the training department, which is based at the LedelsesAkademiet. I have taught the subjects in College Education in IT, “basic programming” and “networks and operating systems” to be precise. Since I taught in danish the material is in danish, not english though.

Since I believe that knowledge should be shared freely, especially teaching material that help people develop their skills, I will share the material I used at the classes in the fall. Since it was the first time I taught these subjects there is things that are not ideal, but they should be able to inspire other teachers and support people who want to familiarize themselves with the topics.

This was the day shift, ie 7 sessions (8 hours) according to the current curriculum, so there will be very much material in each “lesson”.

I have not posted about this prior but it is some time ago it was used in the classroom, but in the future I’ll probably put things up somewhat faster after they have been used.

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